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April 5th, 2008

:: nifty-thrifty | five ::

04.05.08 {nifty thrift |

I’ve re-thought this post about a zillion times since this morning! lol. I think its because there are so many other facets, side stories, and general “interestingness” one can talk about when it comes to thrifting. But alas, I had to narrow it down because it would’ve ended up being the Post of the Century. hehe!

The best part of thrifting, in my opinion is not only the hunting for treasures, but finding something truly fun and exciting that is just nickels and dimes! Something that makes you happy, even if it seems silly to everyone else. I have lots of little collections of quite inexpensive finds I am always on the lookout for...

04.05.08 {nifty thrift |

My favorite collection is vintage laces; finding a bag of assorted laces is one of my favorite surprises! Usually they’re mixed up with some truly hideous, synthetic lace. But for a few dollars--who cares?! hehe!

I love using it about my space too; pinning it to my bulletin board, or displaying a fetching collar on an old hanger!

04.05.08 {nifty thrift |

I have many other collections, of course (I tend to be a bit of a packrat--lol!), but I think this is the collection I’m always hunting down new additions to add to while I thrift. Do you have any collections that you find yourself amassing when you thrift?

04.05.08 {nifty thrift |

This ends the week of Nifty Thrifty posts--I sure had fun! I think the best part was hearing about your thrifting stories, adventures and amazing finds! Thank you for sharing this week of thrift love with me!


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