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April 4th, 2008

:: friday’s fancies ::

04.04.08 {twitter}

Oh dear! I missed a day of Nifty Thrifty posts... looks like I’ll have to play “make up” tomorrow, perhaps? hehe! Anyway, I will do today’s installment later this afternoon. For now, I hope you enjoy these links to various, inspiring spots about the web I stumbled upon this week!

Oh, and I must tell you that Bead Simple is turning out to be quite a favorite book around here; I’ve finally been poking about in my stash of bits and bobbins. I unearthed a pretty wren (I think... I’m so bad with bird species!) ornament I bought after Christmas. I thought it would make a fetching necklace pendent, but I never found a necklace suited to attach it to. So yesterday evening I pulled out some chain, a few beads I scrounged from an old rummage-sale necklace, and voila! Perfectly suited to the spring weather, don’t you think?

 a thought-provoking post on the current state of fashion
 brilliant method for repairing torn tissue sewing patterns!
 inspiring interview with design-extordinaire Nubby Twiglet
 these sweet images make me smile! [ via ]
 a whole site of found snapshots [ via ]
 gorgeous artwork by Hillary Webb
 a fun way to use orphaned belt buckles!
 dreamy frocks and more...
 a variety of snazzy, easy-to-make headbands! [ via ]

I’m off to spend a day of poking around in thrift shops with my mom (we’ve been planning this for months and schedules just haven’t meshed! hehe!)!! Have a lovely Friday... stay tuned for the Nifty Thrifty post later on!


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:: nifty-thrifty | four ::

04.04.08 {nifty thrift | instant fun!}

I was going to post this one on the fifth installment of Nifty-Thrifty, but I think I’ll switch the posts, and instead do my last post of “favorite finds” tomorrow! So instead, in keeping with the usual “Inspiration Friday” linkage, I’ve gathered a bunch of links on thrifting and recycling those finds--I hope you’ll all enjoy!!

04.04.08 {nifty thrift | ornate}

 Amanda’s fantastic list of thrifting tips!
 national directory of thrift stores (great especially for finding places when you’re travelling!)
 Lorimarsha makes some really swanky refashioned clothes
 painfully hip’s “thrift stars” category--quite inspiring
 Tricia is the Queen of Thrifting (in my humble opinion! hehe!)
 a wardrobe “thrift-along”! [ via ]

Know of any good thrifty-links? Please share!

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p.s. Curious about the photos? They're a couple little treasures I picked up this afternoon whilst thrifting! Click on the images for more...