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April 2nd, 2008

:: nifty-thrifty | three ::

04.02.08 {nifty thrift | red shift}

I grew up with a wardrobe stocked of mostly thrifted garments. Saturday mornings were devoted to hitting our two favorite mega-stores, right as they opened; Mom sifting through the racks searching for garments to clothe both myself and my sister. Inevitably, we’d get bored following her around, and start darting through the aisles, pulling out gaudily beaded evening gowns and howling in laughter at ourselves in the mirror when we’d hold them up.

04.02.08 {nifty thrift | rasberry red}

This was back in the early 1990s; and I still remember to this day seeing the racks of 1960s prom dresses, and fur coats. I credit my sense of “eclectic fashion” style to these early years spent in thrift stores. Where Christian Dior rubbed shoulders with fringed hippie cast-offs. Somehow it made the idea of mixing things up, and not being “trendy” a lot more palatable when I decided to return to my roots (thrifting).

04.02.08 {nifty thrift | prim and proper}

Needless to say, I still love going through and finding gems of garments; even though its a bit harder these days to really strike gold with vintage. But occasionally, you do... usually when you’re not expecting it!

04.02.08 {nifty thrift | jazz baby}

These are a few of my favorite finds; some of which I thrifted a few years ago, and others that are more recent. None I’ve ever shown here. Be sure to click on the photos for larger views and descriptions! (And stop by my Flickr stream for more photos.)

04.02.08 {nifty thrift | cape proof}

Have you ever found a real, thrift-store gem? Tell me your story!

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p.s. This post has a rather humorous anecdote... I had planned on showing the most gorgeous gown I happened up last year. Its a beautifully-constructed, 1960s wedding gown with a long train that can be gathered up into a dramatic, sculptural bustle. I bought it for a song (at least, considering how much wedding gowns normally cost). Alas, I haven’t ever been able to post photos, because a certain Boyfriend reads this blog occasionally. lol. And you know, that would be bad luck--just in case! hehe!!